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It is for everyone fascinating to sit in a Airplane and fly away for vacation or for a business trip, which I have done in the past very often. There is an important physical phenomena, the wing lift happens because of the huge energie which the turbins deliver. In other words without fuel, no energie in the jet engine and no take off.

Similar happens in the business economy, no business without sales. Finding new customers and making the customer happy with our products is the fuel of our airplane. This week I’m very excited to introduce Sebastian. He started to work in April 2005 and over the last 15 years as  our  Chief Customer Officer he was able to grow the company turnover by six times - phenomenal!

Daily he holds the line and  communicates with customers and finds new ways for us to get enough energy  for our orange colored turbines. I as a pilot depend on fuel and I’m very happy to fly faster - thanks a lot - Sebastian!

Heiner Schriever 💼


Sebastian Kiser 💼


New Friends

As it’s usual in times of online dating, i’ve met my new friends on the internet. When I first saw them 6 months ago, it was like a lightning strike. For me it was clear: This will change everybodys work in HS-Soft drastically.

Our new friends are very different. Some of them are big, some others are small. They listen to short names, they offer different advantages. Some Days we laugh with them (“the cover of the printer is not closed…”) and sometimes, they are simply driving us nuts. I’ll try to understand them better each day.

But two things, all of them have in common: First, they (unfortunately) all love the colour orange. And second: If i show our new friends to potential customers (that’s my job), they are equally fascinated as me, when i first met them. I also couldn't believe, that a tool so smart and versatile can be so compact and cheap at the same time. It just sounds too good to be true. So what’s the catch?

Well, our new friends are very picky. They open themself only to dedicated and professional Android developers. I’ve asked them once “hey, what about Windows?” I’ve received no answer.

But that’s the point for everybody, who wants to get in contact with our new friends... including our competitors. The last months, we’ve created a gap between them, working hard on several topics. Raising the bar in terms of Software Development, equally as in Support and Marketing.

This was only possible as a team. In early July 2020, we’ll have installed +100 of our new friends, but this is just the beginning. I am very happy and extremely motivated, being part of this team and this journey, leading us to new opportunities.

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